About Ravichandran

Dr (H C) Ravichandran Rajagopal is an expert Yoga Trainer and Senior Acupuncturist.

The need of this hour is HEALTHY LIFE. Irrespective of our Status/Qualification/Race/Caste/creed, we need to focus on our survival.

Hence in this juncture, we proudly and wholeheartedly feel that people must lead a fearless, happy and healthy life through YOGA, ACUPUNCTURE & ACUPRESSURE Lifestyle.

Yoga practice makes one’s life glorious with peace of mind.



Completed B.Sc (Agri- Rural Development  science)from MK University in  Madurai.

Completed DCA( Diploma in computer Applications)

Practiced as School Teacher for 20+ Years


Completed YIC(Yoga Instructor course) SVYASA- Bangalore, India.

Worked as a yoga teacher in BM English school Bangalore for nearly 14 years.

Awarded with Honorary Doctorate from Indian Virtual Academy for Peace &  Education Bangalore for the service done in the field of Yoga more than 21 years

Trained both students and teachers whenever they are in stress related issues.

Conducted many spiritual discourses and stress management programs.


Completed Advance Acupuncture Course from Advance Acupuncture  Academy ,Bangalore .

Being a senior Acupuncturist curing many people from various ailments in our Health Center (Liviyah Yoga Health Centre, Bangalore)


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